Major osclass update

It's been a while from time when Osclass XY was released, today we bring you important updates and improvements of most favorite classifieds script. Open complete osclass changelog.

30. Mar 2022
Major osclass update

May major release - Osclass 4.4.0 brings very important features and updates

It's been a while from time when Osclass 4.3 was released, today we bring you important updates and improvements of most favorite classifieds script. Open complete osclass changelog.

jQuery updated from 1.8 to 3.6

After 10 years, it is again possible to use latest jQuery version within Osclass. Once you upgrade to 4.4, you will be able to change jQuery version to latest (3.x.x) in Settings > General section. You should test your theme and plugins properly before using it in production, as libraries used in themes or plugin may not be compatible with jQuery 3.x.

Osclass jQuery update

Bulk actions are now supported on plugins page

Have you ever think about, how to disable 50 plugins at once, or how to search for particular plugins between 100 others? Until now, this was not possible and it required time consuming one-by-one updating of each plugin. Not anymore, important features has been created on plugin page, including bulk actions, search as well as layout & wording changes in plugin table.

Bulk actions you can now do with plugins:

  • Enable
  • Disable
  • Install
  • Uninstall
  • Delete

UX is very friendly and in case you want to i.e. enable plugin, that is already enabled, this plugin will be skipped and nothing happens to it.

Osclass plugins bulk actions

Besides this, you can also search between plugins, where following fields are used in search:

  • Plugin name
  • Description
  • Version
  • Author

Osclass backoffice plugins search

Breadcrumbs customization options

New section has been created in backoffice: Settings > Breadcrumbs, that allows you to customize breadcrumbs including:

  • content of breadcrumbs
    • Added option to disable/hide breadcrumbs on specific pages, including custom (plugin) pages  
    • Added option to show all levels of categories on listing page
    • Added option to add country, region and city into breadcrumbs on listing page


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